Premiere League Book

La Prem De La Prem - celebration of 30 years of Premier League Football

This book is both a celebration and critique of the footballers - the personalities - who have starred in arguably the most compelling league over the last three decades. As the Premier League's 30th anniversary is now upon us, what better time to celebrate its colourful history?

La Prem De La Prem has been written by three avid football fans, who have followed the progress since it's inception in 1992. I was the fourth member of the creative team, producing the illustrations. The book comprehensively charts the players who have graced and at times disgraced the league over the years. Using caricature to complement the text makes our book unique and helps to engage the readers interest. At almost 350 pages long, priced at £19.95 plus postage, the book would make a wonderful present for anyone who is a devotee of the beautiful game.

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